Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lorestan in Wikipedia - 2


Lorestan province is one of the oldest regions of Iran. In the third and fourth millennium BCE, migrant tribes settled down in the mountainous area of the Zagros mountains.

Some researchers believe that the Lurs are a branch of the Iranian people who migrated to this region from east of Caspian Sea in the beginning of the first millennium BCE. The current inhabitants of Lorestan have intermingled with the Bakhtiaris and the Kurds. The languages of the inhabitants of the province are called Luri and Laki. The Laks have mainly settled in Koohdasht and Alishtar, while the Lurs are primarily centered around Khorramabad. Their dialect possesses much distinct grammar and vocabulary.

Lorestan has 263 sites of historical and cultural significance according to Iran's Cultural Heritage Organization.
Some of the more popular attractions are:
6th Century Inscription, Khorramabad
Falak-ol-Aflak Castle
Sassanid Kashgan Bridge, Koohdasht
Khorramabad Tower
Borujerd Jame' Mosque
Imamzadeh Jafar, Borujerd
Soltani Mosque, Borujerd
Borujerd Jame' Mosque
Gahar Lake, Aligoodarz
Kiyou Lake, Khorramabad
Oshtoran Kooh Mountain, Aligoodarz

Colleges and Universities
Lorestan University of Medical Sciences
University of Lorestan
Islamic Azad University of Borujerd
Islamic Azad University of Aligudarz
Islamic Azad University of Khorram Abad
Payam Nour University of Poldokhtar
Payam Nour University of Alashtar
Payam Nour University of boroujerd
Al-ghadir Applicational Scientific Comprehensive University
Shahid Madani school of Khoramabad
Ma’soumeh School of Khoramabad



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