Thursday, December 16, 2004

Silakhor Plain

Silakhor plain is the biggest flat land of Lorestan. It is very fertile and is divided into two parts:

Silakhor-e Bala (Upper Silakhor). This is a high and cold land in south of Malayer, east of Nahavand and north of Borujerd. Oshtorinan and Vennai are two populated towns. Two highways Borujerd – Kermanshah through Nahavand and Borujerd – Hamadan through Malayer go from this strict. Beautiful mountainous countryside places such as Vennai, Tak Derakht and Kheshtianak are located in Upper Silakhor and people go there for holiday camping. Garrin pick (3652m) is the most famous mountain of Borujerd with many rivers and springs. Yazdgerd is another mountain in the east. Most people speak in Borujerdi; however, Lori and Turkish are spoken here and there.

Silakhor-e Paeen (Lower Silakhor). It constructs the main part of Silakhor plain. Starting from Borujerd, it ends up 50 km farther in Dowrud (Dorud). Zagros Mountain picks such as Shah Neshin in west and elevated hills in east surround the flat. Tireh River (also known as Sezar or Dez) waters fertile agricultural fields and wheat, rice and different fruits and nuts are cultivated easily. Transit highway of Tehran – Khuzestan goes through this part and Dowrud is connected to national railways. Lori nomads e.g. Beiranvand have settled there in last decades. Lori and Borujerdi-Silakhori are spoken by residents. The major city is Borujerd. Dowrud and Chalan Chulan are other towns. Floods and heavy earthquakes destroy villages and farmlands. Silakhor means the land that is under floods.

Silakhor has been populated at list since 600 B.C and there are many unstudied castles and sights such as Qaleh Rumian (Roma castle refers to Alexander’s attack). Several famous wars between Iranians and Arabs or Turks has occurred there and Silakhor is famous for its brave soldiers.

Silakhor plain by Mehdi Behnami


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