Monday, October 11, 2004


Abdol Mohammad-e Ayati

Ayati is a hardworking researcher, writer and translator. He has published many books and articles in different areas of Persian and other nations’ literature and has written and translated different books and articles about the history of Iran.

Born 1926 in Borujerd, he started his public education at Maktabkhane-ye Aghabaji, a traditional Iranian school. He had the chance to change to modern school of E’tezad –one of the oldest modern schools in Lorestan Province. Beside his high school programs, he attended some Arabic and theological courses at Noorbakhsh Islamic School, Borujerd. He left Borujerd to Qom and after a while he went to Tehran for academic studies. He went to the Faculty of Logics and Theology, the University of Tehran. After graduation in 1949, he was employed by the Ministry of Education and he started his work as a teacher in Babol, Khorram Abad and then in Saveh. Finally, he went to Tehran to wok as the editor of Mahname-ye Amuzesh-o Parvaresh (the Monthly of the Ministry of Education).

Ayati is famous for writing and translating many books and articles in the areas of Persian, Arabic and European literature and history of Iran. He acquired the permanent membership of the Academy of Persian Language and Literature for of his excellent works. Now, he is 78 years old and he is working hard in the Academy to publish more and more books and articles. Here we list a part of his works:

Selected Books of Ayati:

Shokuh-e Sa’di
Shokuh-e Ghasideh
Sharh-e Manzume-ye Maneli az Nima
Dar enteha-ye Shab
Gozide-ye Khamseh-ye Nezami
Tahrir-e Tarikh-e vassaf
Basi Ranj Bordam

Selected Translated Books:

Holy Koran in Persian
Sahife-ye Sajjadiyeh in Persian
Nahjol Balagheh in Persian
The history of Islamic government in Spain
Shahmame-ye Bendari
Abu-Navas Poems
Hijaz in the early years of Islam
Taghvim al Boldan
Mo’jam al Odaba


More than 40 quality articles and review of Persian poems and novels. For a complete list of Ayati’s works in Persian, click here.



Website of Academy Of Persian Language - click here

Chehrehhaye mandegar- click here

Iran Newspaper, October 4, 2004 - click here


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