Thursday, September 16, 2004

Geography of Borujerd - 2

Borujerd City

Borujerd City is the administrative and historical centre of Borujerd district. Located on foots of the Zagros Mountains, Borujerd is mostly distributed on the Silakhor Plain alluviums and is one of the oldest cities of Iran. It has been developed and populated in recent decades. The city has a big traditional Bazaar and is a business centre for Persian carpet, rural products and crafts. Borujerd has been important for its strategic location. The area is a crossroad between the Central and Western as well as South Western Iran. Borujerd City is located on the transit road of Tehran – Khuzestan and Kermanshah – Esfehan and is connected to other major cities such as Esfehan, Tehran, Qom, Arak, Khorram Abad and Ahwaz through several highways.

Other features of Borujerd City:

Latitude: 33, 09’ North

Longitude: 48, 08’ East

Altitude: City Centre 1580 m (1560-1650)

Urban Area: 30 Sq. Km

Population (2004): 271,000

Major Suburbs: City Centre, Goosheh Char Chenar, Goosheh Gapleh, Ali Abad, Ebrahim Abad, Mahmud Abad, Eslam Abad, Shahrak-e Andisheh, Shahrak-e Ziba, Shahrak-e Emam, Kuy-e Sufian, Kuy-e Dongeh, Dasht-e Laleh

Distance from other cities (km): Khorram Abad 110, Arak 110, Dorud 40, Malayer and Nahavand 55, Tehran 407, Esfehan 330, Ahwaz 550, Ahwaz 500, Hamedan 160 and Kermanshah 200.


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