Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Geography of Borujerd - 1

Borujerd Township

Borujerd Township belongs to Lorestan Province in the western part of Iran. Borujerd is located in the North East of Lorestan and its land has at least 1500m altitude. The township area is 1606 sq. kilometres – less than 6% of the Lorestan land. Borujerd is surrounded with the townships of Nahavand and Malayer (Hamedan Province), Sarband of Arak (Markazi Province) and Dorud, Khorram Abad and Aleshtar in Lorestan Province. Borujerd City is the main town. Oshtorinan and Vennayi are other ones. Borujerd Area has a Mediterranean climate with rain in spring and fall and snow in winter. Most of township is located on the fertile plain of Silakhor which starts from Oshtorinan in the North West and is continued until Dorud in the South East of Borujerd.

Other features of Borujerd Township:

Latitude: 33,36’ - 34,06’ North
Longitude: 48,27’ – 49,27’ East

Highest Point: Garrin Peak of Zagros 3623 m
Lowest Point: approx. 1500 m Tireh River in Silakhor Plain

Township Area: 1606 Sq. Km

Population (2004): 360,000+

Major Populated Places: Borujerd City, Oshtorinan, Vennai, Fiyal, Ghaleh Hatam, Khayan, Dehgah, Ja’far Abad

Zagros Mountains in Borujerd - Picture from Zagros Online


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