Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bahr Ol Olum

Allameh Bahr Ol Olum is one of the most famous Shi'at theological scholars. He belongs to a famous family of Seyyed people in Borujerd, namely Tabatabayi. Tabatabayi people are a religious family who have been living for several hundred years in Borujerd and they have represented many famous people to the society among them Ayat Allah Hussein Tabatabayi Borujerdi, the late Shi’at great leader is probably the most reputed one.

Biography of Bahr Al Olum:

The father of Bahr Ol Olum, Seyyed Morteza Tabatabayi Borujerdi, was a famous religious scientist and teacher. He had migrated to Karbala in Iraq that is a holy city for Shi’at Moslems and gradually became very popular and famous. Allameh Bahr ol Olum was Born in Karbala in 1704. He started to learn essential Arabic and Islamic courses and very soon he could finish the great levels. He became very famous while he was in his early 20s.

Bahr ol Olum migrated to the Islamic teaching center, the holy city of Najaf. In Najaf, he could take a great position and gradually he became the great leader of Shi’at Moslems. He went to Iran for seven years and in Mash’had attended to some Islamic courses. He wrote many books and theses and trained many famous Islamic scholars. He was intellectually purified and was interested in saying poem. Also he is famous for assisting poor people and making social buildings.Finally, he died in while he was 57 years old. His tomb is in Najaf.

Complete Name:
Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi Ibn Seyyed Morteza Ibn Seyyed Mohammad Ibn Abdul Karim Hasani Hoseini Tabatabayi Borujerdi

Other names:
Allameh Bahr ol Olum, Bahr ol Olum, Seyyed e Bahr ol Olum, Seyyed Mohammad Mahdi Borujerdi

Birth and Death: 1704 - 1797

  1. Seyyed Morteza Tabatabayi Borujerdi
  2. Mohammad Bagher Vahid Behbahani
  3. Yusof Bahrani
  4. Mohammad Taghi Duraghi Najafi
  5. Mahdi Nabati Ameli
  6. Mirza Abolghasem Modarres
  7. Mirza Mehdi Esfehani Khorasani

Selected Students:

  1. Kashef Al Gheta
  2. Javad Ameli Saheb-e Meftah Al Keramah
  3. Molla Ahmad Naraghi
  4. Yaghub Kuhkamareh i
  5. Seyyed Sadr Ad Din Ameli

Selected Books:

  1. Al Masbih Fi Al Fegh'h
  2. Al Favaed Fi Al Osul
  3. Meshkat Al Hedayah
  4. Al Dorrah Al Najafiah
  5. Sharh Al Vafiah
  6. Tohfat Ol Keram
  7. Manasek e Haj
  8. Divan e She'r


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