Monday, August 23, 2004

Different spells of Borujerd

A. If you are searching the Internet to find something about Borujerd, you might be confused with different ways this name has been recorded. So if you want to find more relevant WebPages and documents, I recommend you to search for different forms of the word “Borujerd”. In this way you can increase your chance to find more information and resources. The list below shows the most repeated forms of the name of Borujerd City on the Web in the Western languages:
- Borujerd and Borudjerd
- Boroujerd and Boroudjerd
- Broujerd and Broudjerd
- Brujerd
- Borougerd
- Borugerd
- Burujird and Borujird
- Boroojerd

There are probably other similar words but using the mentioned forms will led you to a comprehensive amount of retrieved documents. You can write all of them in lower-cases.

B. If you want to write something about Borujerd, you’d better to use the more acceptable forms namely Borujerd or BORUJERD. Regarding to the phonetic rules and the current pronunciation of this word, and according to what is recorded in the most reliable geographical references e.g. The Encyclopaedia Americana, The Encyclopaedia Britannica and The Times Atlas of the World the best spell for the name of this city is Borujerd (BORUJERD).

C. the Persian form of the Borujerd is: بروجرد


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