Friday, July 30, 2004

City Protecting Wall

A beautiful painting of the historical castle of Borujerd City with the view of a gate. Borujerd as many other Iranian old towns has been surrounded with a great wall for hundreds of years. Last wall was rebuilt in Qajar dynasty period and some parts of it survived until 20 years ago. The fast growth of the city caused the wall be destroyed and today there is no trace of this beautiful wall.
یک نقاشی زیبا از دیوار قدیم دور شهر بروجرد معروف به قلعه همراه با نمایی از یکی از دروازه های ورودی شهر


At 8/03/2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need some information about the Iranian old towns. May I ask you advise me.



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